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Will you join us in saturating this city with God's gospel and glory by becoming a follower of Jesus that is helping others to follow Jesus? We believe this mission will happen as Jesus' followers commit to the following 3 discipleship rhythms:

UP: Our primary passion and joy is to pursue a deepening intimacy with God. The primary rhythm to nurture that pursuit is a Scripture Reading Plan to engage God through his Word and prayer.

​I commit to a Scripture Reading Plan.

IN: We believe life is best lived when we commit to doing life with others. Ideally, we would engage some a little further along in their walk with Jesus and some that may be a bit newer in the faith.

​I commit to meeting regularly for accountability and encouragement.​

OUT: Jesus said He came to seek and to save the lost. Then he invited us to extend this good news to the people in our lives that are far from God but close to us.​

​I commit to praying for opportunities to show and share the gospel with my friends.

Please register your commitment and willingness to join us in this mission by completing and submitting the form below.

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