We want to resource the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to our whole city. One way we do that is by creating resources that the whole Church can leverage as we make disciples together. If you find something helpful here, pass it on to as many churches, leaders and followers as you know.

A Personal Retreat Primer

Carve out 4-6 hours of uninterrupted time with your heavenly Father and process through these reflection questions. The Personal Retreat Primer guides you through the steps of setting Action Points - discipleship goals - for your life in this season of your discipleship.
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The Follow App

A helpful tool for life-on-life action point discussions. You can record your Action Points from your personal retreat, share those points (and prayer requests) with others, and find quick links to Reading Plans.
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Download this User Guide for help with the online app.


A Discipleship Guide

This simple explanation of "a life worth imitating" is a great starting place for any church (or follower) trying to unpack what it means to make disciples.
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Read more about making disciples on our Discipleship page.


Up, In & Out Handout

Download this helpful guide for processing the UP, IN, and OUT rhythms. Each rhythm has assessment questions to lead you to personally wrestle with your own heart in each of these critical areas of discipleship.

Download the UP, IN, OUT Handout

Read more about making disciples on our Discipleship page.